Dance Classes

Salsa 101 - LA Style

Get the moves, Feel the Heat

This beginner class will introduce you to the hot, earthy, LA Street Style moves.

You will learn all the Salsa basic fundamentals such as timing, footwork, lead and follow basics and some fun and easy but cool dance patterns and combinations.

As a special bonus, you get FREE access to the Strictly Salsa Social on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. You will get to meet other Salseros and practice what you learn. The Social is from 8 to 10pm.

You do not need a partner.


Classes are $10 per person or get a package (packages can be used for any of Gabriela's group classes):

  • 4 Class Package: $35 (Save $5)

  • 8 Class Package: $70 (Save $10 = One Free Class)

Gear Needed:

  • Dance shoes or shoes with a suede bottom or shoes that don’t come off easily (such as flip flops) are recommended but not required.

Click on the calendar for times and locations.

Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked the question, “Gabriela, how can I get good fast?” followed by “…I want to start having a lot of fun”. Man, I would be so rich by now!

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or magic wand to instantly make someone freaking good at dancing (or anything for that matter). Only focus and consistent practice will get you there. A lot of people don’t like to hear this because it sounds like a lot of work, or it sounds boring. And most people want to learn to dance to have fun, but for most us, fun does not equal work.

So that is why I have created the Get Freaking Good Fast Salsa Bootcamp Series. I do all the work, and you get to have all the fun!

Dancing is similar to a sport in that you need:

  • A coach – to show you the moves and technique, correct any mistakes, and for accountability

  • To learn the moves – your feet need to know where they’re going

  • Consistent practice – you’ve got to dance, dance, dance til you drop in order to master the moves so that you can start developing your own unique style

The Get Freaking Good Salsa Bootcamp Series will provide you with all of this plus so much more:

  • This is a progressive program, each lesson builds on the previous one, so that you build muscle memory and by the end you will have an exciting series of cool patterns to add to your repertoire

  • The program is structured in a very practical way to learn the four basic elements of Salsa:

    • Patterns
    • Transitions – patterns that offer direction changes and that break up the monotony of only doing an endless string of cross body lead patterns
    • Shines – fancy footwork
    • Wow Factor – multiple spins, fancy styling, dips and tricks, etc.

In any one dance, there’s got to be a sprinkle of all the four elements of Salsa in order to make your dancing more dynamic, entertaining, and fun. 

Each Bootcamp will show you something from each element, and how to put it all together.

  • Each Bootcamp will give you the opportunity to strengthen your foundation by reviewing and practicing your fundamentals:

    • Spinning Technique
    • Lead and Follow Technique
    • Practice with Shineso Practice with styling – solo and while partnering

The Bootcamp series will take you from the beginner levels all the way through the intermediate and advanced levels. Each Bootcamp is a four week program with 8 total hours of dancing (this is how you get your dose of “lots of consistent practice”). 

There are five levels in the series:

  • Level 1 – Intermediate Beginner – you’ve just learned your basics, you know your right foot from your left, now you’re ready to challenge the rest of your body. This class will cover:

  • Cross Body Lead Patterns with a variation of different hand holds

  • Turning Technique

  • Basic Shines

  • Basic Styling


  • Level 2 – Advanced Beginner – You feel comfortable with your basics, you may be feeling just a little bored with your current basic repertoire, and now you’re ready for a challenge. This class will cover:

  • Slightly more challenging cross body lead patterns

  • Introduction to basic “Copa” patterns

  • Introduction to basic transition patterns

  • Turning Technique

  • Basic Shines and Styling with a bit more flare


  • Level 3 – Intermediate I – You can dance your basics in your sleep now, and now you’re hungry for some more. This class will cover:

  • Advanced cross body lead patterns

  • Advanced transition patterns

  • Advanced copa variations

  • Introduction to double spinning

  • Sizzling shines and styling


  • Level 4 – Intermediate II – You are on a roll! You’re starting to feel just a hint of your own personal style (your own swagger) starting to come through your dancing, and now you want something to really sink your teeth into. This class will cover:

  • Advanced cross body lead patterns

  • Advanced transition patterns

  • More double spinning

  • Intricate shines and styling


  • Level 5 – Advanced / Master Level – This class is not for the faint of heart! You’re feeling pretty good about your dancing. But good is not enough, you want to be freaking awesome! This class will challenge even the most advanced dancers. This class will cover:

  • Crazy cross body lead patterns with challenging turn variations

  • Intricate variations of advanced transition patterns

  • Double spinning variations

  • Rock your world shines and styling

In All Classes: 

  • You will get both the male and female perspective on everything since the Bootcamps are taught by both awesome instructors, Gabriela Gonzalez and Carlos Colón

  • It’s a fun and supportive environment

  • You get to make lots of friends who are at your dance level which takes the intimidation factor out of the equation so that you can go out dancing and start having fun right away with all your new friends

  • Your confidence will soar – with each level you’ll get better and better, you will feel so good about your dancing that you won’t want to wait to go and show off your new moves!

  • Once you get to the intermediate and advanced levels, you can always take any of these courses again to stay on top of your dancing. We will always review the fundamentals such as spinning technique, lead and follow, transitions, etc. But, we will also keep all the combos fun, fresh, and challenging. Plus there is no such thing as too much practice.

So now I ask you, are you ready to Get FREAKING Good Fast? Then, don’t wait any longer….

Check out the calendar to find out when the next Bootcamp is coming up.

You must sign up in advance. Email Gabriela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and let her know which Bootcamp you’re interested in. 

NOTE: Before you are admitted into the class, Gabriela may need to assess your level of dancing to ensure that you will be participating in the right program.

You do not need a partner.

Each Salsa Bootcamp (8 total hours of dancing) is $120 per person.

There are two payment plan options (cash or check):

  • One time payment of $120 due on the first class, or

  • $60 deposit due on the first class, and 3 installments of $20

Are you ready for some fun?

Salsa Divas Performance Class

They are Moms, Sisters, Friends, Career Women, and they are SEXY SALSA DIVAS! And YOU too can be one of them!

Hello to All My Salseras!

Are you ready to take your Salsa Styling to the next level?

I am offering a Ladies Performance Class focused on styling. It’s called the “Salsa Divas Performance Class”, and this class is for all levels from beginner to advanced.

This will be an intensive 10 week course focused solely on styling and spinning technique. If you want to feel more confident on the dance floor and improve your styling to enhance your overall dancing experience, then this class will provide you with all the secrets, tips, and technique to do just that.

We will meet once per week for ten weeks at Madison Ballroom Dance Studio (9076 Madison Blvd). Each practice will be two hours long for a total of 20 hours of fun and intense dancing. Practice will be on Mondays from 8 pm to 10 pm. See the Calendar for specific class dates.


$330 per person for: 

  • 10 weeks of intense dance training

  • 20 hours of fun and challenging dancing

  • You will improve your spinning technique

  • You will feel more sexy and confident with your new styling repertoire

  • You will get to perform and show off what you have learned

  • You will get a DVD of your performance 

You have two payment plan options: 1) a one time payment of $330 or 2) a deposit of $60 due on the first class and 9 weekly installments of $30. Note: if you do decide to participate, you will be responsible for the full amount even if you do miss a class.

If you have any friends that you know would be interested in taking their Salsa styling up a couple of notches, feel free to let them know.

If you are interested, you must sign up as soon as possible, as class space fills quickly. 

Email Gabriela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and let her know you want to take the class or use the contact form on the contact page.

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions

Get Sexy Now - Ladies Salsa Styling

Would you like to feel more confident on the dance floor?

Would you like to feel more sexy on the dance floor?

Then this is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to bring the focus back on YOU, and it’s time to take your dancing to the next level! This is your time.

In this class we will work on:

  • Body isolations so that you can start having more control of your body

  • Sexy arm and foot styling-footwork 

  • Shines

All levels are welcome.

You must sign up in advance. Check the calendar for times and dates.

Cardio Ballroom

Forget the treadmill…Be Dance Fit!

Want a break from the dreaded treadmill, but still want a great workout? Then this is the class for you!

This is one hour packed full of nonstop, super fun, fat burning, stress busting, sweat dripping, letting your hair down, no nonsense hard core dancing!

Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Salsa, and many others will get your heart racing and the blood pumping.

You do not need previous dance experience, and you do not need a partner.


Classes are $10 per person or get a package (packages can be used for any of Gabriela's group classes):

  • 4 Class Package: $35 (Save $5)

  • 8 Class Package: $70 (Save $10 = One Free Class)

Gear Needed:

  • Water bottle and towel

  • Workout clothes

  • Any type of athletic shoe, jazz shoes, or dance shoes will work (jazz shoes with a suede bottom are recommended)

Check out the calendar for all times and locations.