Getting Started

Whether you're completely new to dance or seeking help improving your skills, Gabriela offers something for every level of skill.   

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in every level of skill.  Before you are admitted into a class, Gabriela can assess your level of dancing to ensure that you will be participating in the right program.

Beginner Dancers

Typical Challenges: Learning basic steps, basic styling, and fundamental lead/follow patterns for salsa dancing. 

Recommended Classes: Level 1 Intermediate Beginner / Level 2 Advanced Beginner Salsa Bootcamp

Intermediate Dancers

Typical Challenges: Learning advanced cross-body lead and transition patterns, adding double spinning and advanced shines to your repertoire.  

Recommended Classes: Level 3 Intermediate I / Level 4 Intermediate II Salsa Bootcamp 

Advanced Dancers

Typical Challenges: Mastering the intricate variations of advanced transitions and spinning.    Improving shines, flare and styling; may be preparing for a competition or performance. 

Recommended Classes:  Private classes, Individual Instruction, Advanced/Master Level 5 Salsa Bootcamp